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Barry and Patty go on a date to a tech symposium, where they meet Dr. Darwin Elias. Suddenly, the symposium is crashed by a number of masked men whose aim is to steal a genome recoder. Barry turns into the Flash and manages to retrieve the genome recoder, but not before accidentally killing a man who turns out to be a college friend of his, Manuel Lago. Barry gets asked by Iris if he thinks the Flash killed Manuel; he deigns to comment and gets pulled away from Patty.

In the crime lab, no one seems to be all too concerned with Manuel's death except Barry, and he goes to borrow the genome recoder from Dr. Elias so he can run a few tests at home. In the middle of his experiments, however, someone breaks into his house - and turns out to be none other than the supposedly dead Manuel. His arrival is followed by more people breaking into Barry's house, and Barry and Manuel go on the run.

While running, Barry fakes his death so he can follow Manuel as the Flash, but when he finally catches up to Manuel, he sees that his friend is surrounded by hundreds of other Manuels, all identical to each other.

  • It took Barry two years to ask Patty out.
  • Downtown freeway is as of yet unfinished.
  • Has a blender, a microwave, and several boxes of cereal in his apartment.
  • Always stays home on Friday nights.